Entertainment · 8 Feb 2021

Mal’s Music Memory – Waitangi Weekend Triple Deck Special #3

Malcolm Gayfer

Malcolm Gayfer


Hey there team and welcome to our last Waitangi Day instalment of Kiwi greats with our friends at Little Fire MusicWorks, our own true blue kiwi music store.

As I mentioned in the other posts the songs are only chosen as that’s where the cursor took me. I reckon I’ve got three absolute crackers to round the weekend off.

First up a top song from the 80’s from Coconut Rough, and Sierra Leone, sadly their only big hit.

Second up arguably one of our best crafter, yes, crafter of a song this country has produced, Sharon O’Neill and her story of Maxine. Just listen to the lyrics, Sharon tells it as it is. The music is too is way past first class in my view.
Sadly record company politics derailed Sharon’s career. She should’ve gone all the way!

To round it off another band that only had one big hit, Golden Harvest’s I Need Your Love…still a good song.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our little jaunt back in time, we’ll have to have another Waitangi Weekend Special pretty darn soon, don’t think we can wait another twelve months. Plenty more where these came from.