2019 ILT Tertiary Scholarship Recipients Announced (video + Full list)

Nov 05, 2019

The Invercargill Licensing Trust takes great pride in supporting today’s students; tomorrow’s leaders. They do this through the ILT Tertiary Education Scholarship Programme, which was introduced in 2007.

The latest recipients have now been chosen, and 60 students will receive a scholarship to attend a tertiary education institute next year.

Each scholarship is worth $2,000 and is granted for three years. In a single year, 180 students from Invercargill will benefit from the ILT’s assistance.

Judges/interviewers Geoff Shephard, Anne Gorman, Dave McKissock. photo: whatsoninvers.nz

Criteria for the scholarship include academic goals and an interview process, and Managing Director and Principal Career Consultant for Southern Directionz Career Consultancy Dave McKissock is the lead interviewer on the panel.

Over 1,500 students have been granted money since the programme’s inception, to the tune of over $5 million. Click here to learn more about ILT grants and donations.

Patrice Brookland Adult
Brodean Greenem Aurora
James Billows JHC
Sophie Chen JHC
Declan Cruickshank JHC
Mackenzie Fallow JHC
Elizabeth Flett JHC
Brooke Hayes JHC
Heidi Kean JHC
Jenni Kerr JHC
Meg Laker JHC
Elijah Lee JHC
Kate Loan JHC
Anais Maclennan JHC
John Marshall JHC
Claire McEwen JHC
Gabrielle Milne JHC
Alice Moreton JHC
Laura Moreton JHC
Liam Neylon JHC
Marionne Pala JHC
Stephen Potter JHC
Emma Riley JHC
Kate Ryan JHC
Nathan Scott JHC
Conor Shearing JHC
Daniel Strang JHC
Nathan Walker JHC
Holly Wu JHC
Benjamin Wylie JHC
Finn Burns SBHS
Matthew Ellis SBHS
Jared Gilbertson SBHS
Jaxon Taylor SBHS
Seiyan Thompson-Tonga SBHS
Jack Wilcox SBHS
Tara Ballie SGHS
Alex Bergman SGHS
Hannah Dawson SGHS
Hannah Hinton SGHS
Justine Kairau-Mortimore SGHS
Miricara Kawe SGHS
Emma McColl SGHS
Amelia McKenzie SGHS
Isabella O’Donnell SGHS
Ella Richardson SGHS
Mac Stodart St Andrews
Molly Batt Verdon
Julianne Diamse Verdon
Breana Fahey Verdon
Kate Harrington Verdon
Anna Hika Verdon
Bethany Hughes Verdon
Kate MacManus Verdon
Nia Maka Verdon
Emily Milne Verdon
Hannah Morton Verdon
Georgea Newell Verdon
Rebecca Payne Verdon
Brendan Peters Verdon
Grace Prendergast Verdon
Rebecca Shirley Verdon
Hurihia Tawaroa Verdon
Maggie Townley Verdon
Beth Walker Verdon

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