Southland · 12 Nov 2019

Winton Library Update




Airborne mould spores have been eliminated at Southland District Council’s library building in Wemyss Street, Winton.

Group manager customer delivery Trudie Hurst said the latest comprehensive testing had confirmed the mould issue and fungal contamination which forced the building to close in May had now been resolved.

“The building itself has passed all environmental testing and now we need to cost the necessary remedial work in order to return it to being a usable public space,” she said.

“We had to find the source of the contamination and that required some robust stripping of the interior. So now we are in the process of discussing the repairs with the Council with the aim of ensuring the building is reopened to a modern standard.”

Therefore, the temporary Winton library and office will continue to operate from the RSA Hall in the foreseeable future.

Ms Hurst said testing had also been completed on the library’s book collection.

“The majority of our collection is fine and we will now be able to bring some of it out and start recirculating it in the library.”

Ms Hurst said the impact of the disruption had been “tough” on staff and customers.

“The support we have received during this challenging time has been fantastic and we thank everyone for their patience. We’ve been absolutely focused on trying to make the best of the situation by continuing to provide a great service for our community,” Ms Hurst said.

“We did something really special to be operational again within the first 24 hours and I think that speaks volumes about the value we place on ensuring the library remains as accessible as possible despite the challenges faced.”

Library staff were looking forward to welcoming the community this Sunday during the Winton Open Day and have a range of activities planned, including a petting zoo and competitions.