Property · 6 Mar 2021

Will Home Improvements Be Safe Under New Exemptions?

Aimee Wilson

Aimee Wilson


Get your hammers out and get building – home improvements no longer need a consent as the Minister for Building and Construction gets the industry moving again.

Editor’s note: This is re published from May 26th but still current.

Minister Jenny Salesa announced that paperwork for sleep outs, sheds and carports would be scrapped, with new exemptions to the Building Act underway.

This also came at the same time as the Southland District Council’s building solutions team went 100% online.

All building consent applications were now processed electronically, with old paper forms being phased out.

The Government’s exemption would save homeowners $18 million in consents every years, but all work would still have to meet building code standards.

“Single-storey detached buildings up to 30 square metres – such as sleep-outs, sheds and greenhouses; carports; awnings; water storage bladders and others will now not require a council-approved building consent, which will result in 9000 fewer consents to process a year,” she said.

Invercargill’s ‘The Odd Job Man’ – Gary McPherson said the exemption could cause problems, and encourage builders to not do their job properly.

“There will be a lot of good stuff coming from this, and a lot of shit stuff as well.

“I see it everyday and now there is the risk of things not being safe.”

Most of the new exemptions were expected to commence at the end of August, after the necessary changes to the Building Act were made.


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