Speedway Spectacular Attracts International Field To Oreti Park

It’s the biggest event on the New Zealand speedway calendar and the 2019 edition of the Burt Munro Challenge Speedway Spectacular is shaping up as one of the best yet.

Oreti Park Speedway president Alex Cunningham said the club was preparing to deliver an “epic” race meeting featuring a strong field of local, national and international competitors tomorrow (Saturday, February 9).

“Logistically it’s a massive challenge for our team of volunteers but it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears when you see that crowd packed around the track absolutely loving the action unfolding right there in front of them,” he said.

“Our committee and volunteers really put their heart and soul into delivering the Burt each year and making it happen. It’s an awesome event which has become so iconic.”

Thousands of race fans converge on the Sandy Point venue each year, eager to witness riders living the club’s mantra of ‘fun at full throttle’.

After a season racing professionally in the UK, national solo champion Bradley Wilson-Dean, of Hastings, is venturing south and bringing Denmark’s Thomas Jorgensen along to experience the local speedway scene.

“We’re looking forward to it and hopefully we can put on a good show for the crowd,” Wilson-Dean said.

The experienced duo hosted a training session for the club’s junior riders and were impressed by the calibre on display.

Bradley and Thomas at the junior practice session on Friday. Photo: supplied

Wilson-Dean said it bode well for the future of the sport in New Zealand.

“It changed my whole outlook on speedway back in New Zealand really. The standard of some of these kids honestly blew me away. I stood out there with a massive smile on my face all night watching some of these kids go around,” he said.

“We can only hope that all of these kids keep riding and when it’s time to move up to a senior solo they carry on with it. I’m just blown away by how quick they are – I’ve never seen juniors in New Zealand riding so well – even the wee pee-wees are on the gas.”

Cunningham appreciated their efforts to give back to the sport.

“It’s fantastic to see riders the calibre of Bradley and Thomas so willing to share their knowledge and inspire speedway’s next generation,” he said.

The impressive solo field also features former NZ U21 champion Jake Turner and Ryan Terry-Daly, who earned third at the NZ Championships, along with promising Christchurch young guns Ben Whalley and George Congreve.

In the hotly-contested sidecar ranks, the Oreti contingent shapes as the leading contenders with James Douglas and Harley Biddle, Aiden Thwaites and Shane Twiss, Bradley Sharp and Lance Jefcoate and Paul Humphrey and Ricky Pubben all capable of clinching the coveted title. Expect Christchurch’s Lionel Green and Shayne Breach and Auckland’s Glen and Chopper Bagshaw to feature amongst the challengers.

“We’re incredibly proud some of the country’s best hail from Oreti and home track advantage could prove the game-changer,” Cunningham said.

In the junior division, Hayden Brookland will be gunning for his sixth Burt Munro title, with club-mate Cormac Buchanan and Dakota Crengle amongst the 200cc challengers. In the 125cc class, Braxton Casey has been in solid form this season while Auckland’s Daniel Brett looms as a dark horse.

Racing kicks off at 3pm.


Bluff Hill Climb Champs Photos & Results

It was a perfect Southland day for the Bluff hill climb on Day two of the Burt Munro Challenge.

Below are photos from Videocopter and Richard Dimmock Photography.

Results for the Bluff Hill climb can be seen here

Photo: Videocopter
Photo: Videocopter
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography
Photo by Richard Dimmock Photography

Twilight Drags Photos & Results

On Thursday evening Southern Dragways hosted the Hirepool Twilight Drags Held at Teretonga Park as part of the Burt Munro Challenge.

Photos by Dave Loudon Photography

Southern Dragways is a non-profit club, any funds generated from our race meetings go back into the club to ensure that we can deliver to bring you the racing that you enjoy.

The results are as follows:

Demo Class:

1st B. MacAskill 9.790 Secs
2nd S.Bisschops 10.363 Secs
3rd L.Schroder 12.400 Secs

Modified Bike:

1st G.Wilcock 10.766 Secs
2nd D.Koppe 11.597 Secs
3rd A. Rudd 11.600 Secs

Bears Bike:

1st P Bota 10.342 Secs
2nd K Jones 10.707 Secs
3rd S Brammer 10.982 Secs

Comp Bike:

1st C.Scammell 9.536
2nd C.Turnbull 9.639
3rd J.Holmes 10.246

Japanese Street Bike:

1st S.Buchanan 10.032
2nd Mark Fredric 10.201
3rd I Holmes 10.615

Fastest Time on the Night: C Scammell 9.536

‘Spirit of Munro’ Safely In The South Ready For Challenge

Preparations for the iconic Burt Munro Challenge have received an eagerly anticipated boost with the safe arrival of the ‘Spirit of Munro’ Indian Scout.

Last week the Southland Motorcycle Club welcomed the Indian Scout to Southland where it is set to play a role in the 13th Burt Munro Challenge being held 6-10 February 2019.

Southland Motorcycle Club vice-president Garry Jamieson said securing the Indian for the Challenge had involved a lot of hard work, passion and patience for all involved.

“After delays as a result of the TSA strikes in the United States we’re excited to have the Indian on Southland soil, it’s going to bring a little bit of Bonneville – the place where Burt Munro made history, to the Challenge” he said.

The motorcycle was built in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Burt Munro’s longstanding world record at Bonneville where he went 186.41 mph in the SA 1000cc class.

Since being built, Munro’s great nephew Lee Munro has raced the Indian twice at Bonneville during speed week held in August and as part of this year’s challenge, will participate in a demonstration on Oreti Beach.

Jamieson said seeing the Indian Scout charging up Oreti Beach will be a personal highlight for him for the 2019 Challenge.

“To see the Spirit of Munro in action on the same ground that Burt Munro trained on over 50 years ago will be something very special for all Indian riders and Burt Munro supporters and enthusiasts,” Jamieson said.

Alongside watching Munro ride the Indian, people will also be able to get up close and personal with the motorcycle at the Indian Motorcycle NZ Beach Racing Champs being held on Friday 8 February where it will be on display.

Tickets to the Indian Motorcycle NZ Beach Racing Champs, and any of the other Challenge events, can be purchased from E Hayes & Sons, the Invercargill i-SITE and online at burtmunrochallenge.co.nz Tickets will also be available for purchase (cash only) at the gate.

Burt Munro Challenge To Be Live Streamed

The 2019 Burt Munro Challenge is gearing up to reach an even greater audience of motorcycling enthusiasts.

For the first time ever, the Burt Munro Challenge will offer live streaming as part of the event coverage.

Burt Munro Challenge Committee member John Beck said the live streaming will allow more people to connect with what is recognised as the largest motorcycle event in the southern hemisphere.

“People from all over the world will be able to view the entire Burt Munro Challenge free of charge, in real time,” he said.

Following the event, footage will be uploaded to YouTube so audiences can continue to access it.

Interislander has confirmed it will sponsor the live video feed, helping to make the Challenge accessible to all.

Business Development Specialist for Interislander, Jodine Simmons said Interislander was excited to partner with the Burt Munro Challenge committee to deliver the first ever live streaming of the event.

“Interislander has supported the Challenge for many years in helping transport riders to the challenge and is pleased to be playing a part in sharing the event with the rest of the world” Simmons said.

CTAS Live, who has significant experience in streaming motor racing events, will be coordinating the live streaming of the 2019 Challenge.

“Earlier this year CTAS Live streamed the Kawasaki Road Race Series and the NZ Jetsprint championship, so is more than familiar with what is required to stream large-scale motoring events,” Beck said.

Beck said the committee was confident that the live streaming would not compromise crowd attendance but rather inspire people to attend future Burt Munro Challenge events.

“Live streaming will not only make the Challenge more accessible to international audiences and those less mobile, but also attract a new market of people to future events,” Beck said.

The 13th Burt Munro Challenge will be held in Invercargill from 6-10 February, 2019 and information on the live streaming will be made available online.

For those wishing to attend the Challenge in person, tickets can be purchased at E Hayes & Sons, the Invercargill i-SITE and online at burtmunrochallenge.co.nz.

Invercargill Finalists Feature Strongly In NZ Speedway Awards

Invercargill features strongly amongst the finalists named for the 2018 Speedway New Zealand Awards.
Oreti Park Speedway’s flagship event the Burt Munro Challenge Speedway Spectacular has been named a finalist for Individual Event of the Year.

Talented duo Aiden Thwaites and Shane Twiss are in the running for Sidecar Competitor of the Year, while Cormac Buchanan and Dakota Crengle are both up for Junior Solo Competitor of the Year – an award Buchanan won last year.

On four wheels, Riverside Speedway is a finalist for Event Poster of the Year for its NZ Production Saloon Championship artwork.

For the third year running, Daryl Shuttleworth is in the mix for the Commentary of the Year award, while Luke Shearing features in the Modified Sprint Competitor of the Year ranks.

The winners will be announced in Wellington on June 16.

From Oreti Park Speedway, Junior Solo Competitor of the year – Cormac Buchanan & Dakota Crengle, Speedway Event of the year – Burt Munro Challenge.

From Riverside Speedway

  •  Commentary Of The Year – Daryl Shuttleworth
  • Event Poster Of The Year – New Zealand Production Saloon Champs
  • Modified Sprint Driver Of The Year – Luke Shearing
  • Best Media Support – Southland Express

From Oreti Park Speedway

  • Junior Solo Competitor of the year – Cormac Buchanan & Dakota Crengle
  • Speedway Event of the year – Burt Munro Challenge

Oreti Park Speedway Spectacular – Action Photos & Results

Action photos and results from the Oreti Park Speedway Spectacular on Saturday 10th February, day three of the Burt Munro Challenge. Photos by Dave Loudon Photography.


Peewee Solo – Division 1 

  • 1st 29i – Braxton Casey 
  • 2nd 5i – Eli Bartley 
  • 3rd 66i – Kadin Cracknell

Peewee Solo – Division 2 

  • 1st 6i – Cooper Earley
  • 2nd 44i – Sam Coulthard
  • 3rd 9i – Slade Fordyce

Junior Solo – 125cc 

  • 1st 14i – Cormac Buchanan
  • 2nd 55i – Dakota Crengle
  • 3rd 86i – Finn Reed

Junior Solo – 200cc

  • 1st 28 – Hayden Brookland
  • 2nd 21i – Lucas Colvin
  • 3rd 25i – Ryan Colvin

Solo A’s 

  • 1st 5p – Ryan Terry-Daley
  • 2nd 11i – Jake Gillespie
  • 3rd 4i – Adam Shuttleworth

Solo Support

  • 1st 32c – Ben Whalley
  • 2nd 7i – Sam Taylor
  • 3rd 9i – Zane Pay
  • 4th 17i – Matt Highsted

Burt Munro Challenge Trophy – Solos

  • 1st 10 – Jack Stevens
  • 2nd 5p – Ryan Terry-Daley
  • 3rd 13i – Glen Sole
  • 4th 77i – Kelvin Neutze

Burt Munro Challenge Trophy – Sidecars

  • 1st 78i – Paul Humphrey & Ricky Pubben
  • 2nd 73c – Lionel Green & Shayne Breach
  • 3rd 24i – Bradley Sharp & Lance Jefcoat
  • 4th 58i – Aiden Thwaites & Shane Twiss

Congratulations to all competitors on a great days racing, and also to our sponsors for your continued support.