Sir Tim Returned As Mayor Of Invercargill – Preliminary Election Results For ICC & ILT

Oct 12, 2019

Some changes on Invercargill City Council with Nobby Clark (highest polling) Nigel Skelt and Peter Kett new to the council table. While the ILT board has not changed.

Progress results for the local authority elections, released today, show Sir Tim won the Mayoralty with 8903 votes ahead of Mayoral candidates Darren Ludlow, with 5878 votes, Becs Amundsen with 3003 votes, and Steve Chernishov with 566 votes.

Two new Councillors have been elected; Nobby Clark and Nigel Skelt.

Peter Kett is also likely to return to the Council table, having missed out in the last election.

Deputy Electoral Officer Michael Morris said it was important to note that today’s results are progress results, with special votes, and votes returned on October 12, still to be counted.

“We know there are more than 800 votes still to be counted, and with about 150 votes separating Mr Kett from the next candidate, there is a possibility the final results may change.”

Today’s progress results are based upon the counting of approximately 95 per cent of returned votes.

The voter turnout so far has been 50.23 per cent, being 19,322 votes.

Bluff Community Board candidates were elected unopposed, given there were an equal number of nominees as there are positions on the Board.

There will be no changes to the Invercargill Licensing Trust, with all incumbents re-elected.

Mr Morris said final results for the elections will be available by Thursday, 17 October.

Invercargill Mayor (1 Vacancy)

SHADBOLT, Tim                                                                                                                 8,903

LUDLOW, Darren                                                                                                                 5,878

AMUNDSEN, Becs                                                                                                               3,003

CHERNISHOV, Steve                                                                                                             566


INFORMAL                                                                                                                           33

BLANK VOTING PAPERS                                                                                                      540


Invercargill City Council (12 vacancies)

CLARK, Nobby                                                                                                                   9,987

LUDLOW, Darren                                                                                                             9,106

BIDDLE, Toni                                                                                                                     8,981

POTTINGER, Ian                                                                                                               8,895

LEWIS, Graham                                                                                                                7,906

ARNOLD, Allan                                                                                                                  7,768

SKELT, Nigel                                                                                                                       7,534

ABBOTT, Lindsay                                                                                                               7,416

AMUNDSEN, Becs                                                                                                             7,387

CRACKETT, Alex                                                                                                                7,216

SOPER, Lesley                                                                                                                    6,762

KETT, Peter Warren                                                                                                         6,191

HARPUR, Wayne                                                                                                                 6,047

THOMAS, Lindsay                                                                                                                6,043

GRABER, Kari                                                                                                                      5,776

CHILTON, Barry                                                                                                                   5,772

BUCK, Thelma                                                                                                                      5,280

STEWART, Barry R.                                                                                                             5,113

COOTE, Jay                                                                                                                         3,683

PLEASANCE, Shane                                                                                                           3,474

THOMSON, Juliana                                                                                                              3,474

UAMAKI, Miriama                                                                                                                 3,207

TEMPERO, Russell (aka Judge)                                                                                         2,935

CHERNISHOV, Steve                                                                                                          2,881

EDWARDS, Ian                                                                                                                    2,496

JASPERSE, Carol (CJ)                                                                                                        2,004

COUGHLAN, Waka                                                                                                              1,520

MCDONALD, Alton                                                                                                               1,482

RIKKERINK, John                                                                                                                    836


INFORMAL                                                                                                                                70

BLANK VOTING PAPERS                                                                                                      314

Invercargill Licensing Trust (6 vacancies)

O’BRIEN, Paddy                                                                                                                9,505

PRENTICE, Suzanne                                                                                                        8,541

MIKA, Mike                                                                                                                         8,500

NEWELL, Angela                                                                                                               6,792

DENNIS, Alan                                                                                                                     6,238

BELLEW, Sean Peter                                                                                                       6,045

O’CONNOR, Stephen                                                                                                          4,725

MORETON, Andrew                                                                                                             4,575

MCDONALD, Karl                                                                                                                4,285

DOWLING, Tom                                                                                                                   3,852

NALLY, Steve                                                                                                                       2,553


INFORMAL                                                                                                                                22

BLANK VOTING PAPERS                                                                                                      728

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