Property · 16 May 2021

Plans Underway for New Suburb in Invercargill

Aimee Wilson

Aimee Wilson


A new major development on the edge of Invercargill has passed its first hurdle – with council agreeing to adopt a proposed private plan change.

Te Puawai Developments Limited is wanting to rezone 70.78ha of rural land on the corner of Tramway and Rockdale Road, into a residential urban development – including a new medium-density zone surrounding the 1.3ha commercial core of the site (business zone).

Company directors are listed as John Elliot and Philipp Haas, with the Rosemary Foundation listed as the primary shareholder.

A retirement village precinct is proposed over part of the main residential zone, and a business and neighbourhood shop zone is proposed toward the centre of the development site, with parks and reserves included as well.

The site is right next to the Murihiku Marae, who has been acknowledged in the application,  and the aim of the development is to create a suburb of Invercargill which allows for a variety of housing types and a diverse community.

Consultation and collaboration with both the Invercargill City Council and Waihōpai Rūnaka has led the formation of the outline development plan.

Neighbouring residents were invited to a meeting on November 5th to provide initial information on the proposed development of the Te Puawai site and to address any concerns, where possible, that the community may have. 

The meeting was attended by 17 residents who raised concerns relating to loss of views, stormwater management/flooding, questions on the requirement for such a large number of sections for Invercargill and provision of parking,

Senior policy planner Grant Fisher told Invercargill City councillors this week that the large site on the South-Eastern side of the city had already been earmarked in the District Plan as a potential urban development site.

Councillors had no issue with adopting the proposed private plan change.

The next step will be public notification of the private plan change to allow anybody to make a submission on the proposal.