Opinion · 30 Jan 2020

Opinion: Invercargill Misses Out In Infrastructure Lottery

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“The deep-south has been largely ignored in the Government’s spend up with Invercargill getting no money for roading improvements, MP for Invercargill Sarah Dowie says.

“It’s hard to see how the Government’s transport plans won’t come at the expense of transport investment in the deep south when billions of dollars are being ripped from the regions to pay for trams in Auckland.

“With Southlanders paying more at the pump, and the Government having more to spend on key roading projects, it’s frustrating to then have projects such as the SH 6 – Wilsons Crossing Passing Lanes project reprioritised.

6,400 vehicles use this stretch of road per day and SH 6 is a key inter-regional route between Invercargill and Queenstown. The construction of a northbound passing lane would be a welcome addition, reducing travel time on a road that has increasing commuter and vehicle traffic to and from the Port.

“And while the completion of the Edendale realignment works is a major boost for our region, both the realignment and Elles Road intersection works were projects kicked off by the previous National Government.

“Southland relies on roads for its farming, dairy, forestry and tourism. And that’s why motorists here have every right to be annoyed, especially when the $5 billion they’ve taken from state highways has been directed to projects like a slow tram down Dominion Road to Mangere in Auckland.

“National will build the infrastructure New Zealand needs and will give motorists something in return for the extra $1.7 billion this Government squeezed out of them through fuel tax hikes and extra GST.

“National will release a comprehensive infrastructure plan later this year, setting out our vision to get this country moving.

“Unlike Labour, National is the party of infrastructure and we will deliver.”

Read more on the Governments big spending plans that exclude Southland. beehive.govt.nz/feature/new-zealand-upgrade-programme

Sarah Dowie is the National MP for Invercargill.

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