Property · 6 Oct 2019

New Mike Pero Real Estate Franchise for Southland




With the real estate market heating up in the south, Mike Pero is now opening a Southland branch with superstar seller Sheree Williams at the helm.

Sheree is proud to be the Brand and Territory Owner of Mike Pero Real Estate, with the branch known as Mike Pero Real Estate, Southland.

Sheree has spent the last two years serving as a salesperson for the Mike Pero Invercargill office, operated by Daryl Spence.

Her experience has made the shift possible however, Sheree wishes to assure her past and future customers that they can enjoy the same high-quality service they have come to expect from Mike Pero Real Estate.

“I will continue to maintain my high level of service to you, your friends, and family in and around Invercargill and beyond,” Sheree says.

“I am hopeful that my service to date to you, or with you, has been enough to secure your real estate needs and wants in the future.”

Even with a new job title and branch, you can still reach Sheree on the same phone number and email address. She is also happy to meet with prospective sellers at their homes, workplace, or anywhere else in Southland.

“I can be of service to you now or in the future. Please feel free to call me.”

Phone: 027 448 6338, email: [email protected]