Southland · 14 Sep 2020

Firefighters Battle Blaze On Fishing Boat In Milford Sound

News Desk

News Desk


Fire and Emergency received a call shortly after 4am to the boat at Fisherman’s Wharf in Deepwater Basin.

Brent Dunn from the Fire and Emergency southern communications centre said the Milford Sound Fire Brigade was fighting the fire.

“Any crews which would normally respond from Te Anau are unable to get in there with the road conditions and avalanche risk, so we’re looking at sending that crew up in a helicopter.


Oil From Submerged, Burnt Boat Leaking Into Milford Sound

“At this stage we’re just fighting the fire with the Milford Fire Brigade, and some local fishermen are helping out.”

Crews were are working to put out the remaining flames which had burned through the boat.

There was no-one on board the boat and no injuries, a Fire and Emergency spokesperson said.

Source: Republished by arrangement.