SIT Students Graduate Today (With Names)

Dec 08, 2017

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) will be celebrating the graduation of students who have completed their qualifications today (Friday 8 December).

A very special SIT student graduating today is whatsoninvers.nz intern Jodi Conway, well done Jodsta! Congratulations to all students and here’s to an exciting 2018.

The first of the two ceremonies will begin at 12.15pm in the Civic Theatre on Tay Street, Invercargill.  Honoured guests and speakers will include SIT Council members and council chair Peter Heenan, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt, SIT Chief Executive Penny Simmonds, and National MP for Invercargill Sarah Dowie.

Graduates of Diplomas, Degrees, Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas, as well as Masters, will be presented with their qualifications, the final ceremony wrapping up around 3.30pm, to be followed by the Graduation procession through the city, concluding at SIT’s main campus on Tay Street for drinks and nibbles.

Students who have studied on campus, as well as those who have studied by SIT2LRN distance learning, will all be graduating, with friends and family in attendance to help celebrate their great achievements.

One of our students graduating in 2017 is Jacqui Denford who studied the Diploma in Digital Film.

Jacqui currently resides in Mataura, Southland with her husband and five year old daughter.  A full-time mother to a young daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder means that the freedom of Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)’s SIT2LRN distance learning was perfect for Jacqui to fit study around her busy schedule of doctors, appointments, speech and language lessons, sickness, surgeries and pre-schools.

Despite the hectic nature of her day-to-day, Jacqui says she never felt overwhelmed.  “I found it extremely manageable.  The coursework is broken down week to week with clear, concise feedback.  I always knew what I needed to do and the more technical aspects, or things I really needed further assistance with, the facilitator either pointed me in the correct direction online or was very clear on what I needed to do.”

Studying the Diploma in Digital Film, Jacqui discovered the course when her husband was searching for IT courses and stumbled upon it.  Having a background in theatre, productions and amateur films, once Jacqui encountered SIT’s Diploma in Digital Film, it provided her with the potential to gain the skills necessary to help her break into the film industry, as well as the freedom to do it all from home, part-time, while looking after her daughter.

Not content with just finishing the course, Jacqui has also entered film competitions such as the international 60-hour film festival in the United Kingdom.  Entering with a short film she wrote, shot, directed and edited, she has also completed a feature-length film script and entered it into a competition called Script Pipeline in the United States.  Another short film Jacqui wrote is currently in production in the U.K. with an online production company, and you get the feeling that Jacqui is just getting started!

“SIT has opened the doors to these opportunities as I have the skills to get noticed and get my work made.”

Jacqui is confident in her future in filmmaking.  “Studying at SIT has made me believe in myself and my ability to get things done.  I really now believe that I have a future in this field and have a unique voice to share stories.  Being able to take criticism and have it elevate my work was a game changer and huge thanks to the facilitators for that”.

With plans to move to Invercargill in 2018 and take up full-time study in the Bachelor of Screen Arts, Jacqui wants to connect with other filmmakers and continue to hone her craft.

“Filmmaking is not a solo experience and I am so looking forward to that next step.  Once that is completed, I am looking to continue writing, selling my work, making films and taking each opportunity that comes my way in writing, directing and producing.  This will be a lifelong journey for me.”

Faculty of trades and technology

Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Queenstown)
Ramanjit Kaur
Rachael Murray
Shannon McKissock
Sonya McLean
Isabella Nolan
Brianna Sexton
Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Semester 2) 2016
Amaya Abercrombie
Gabrielle Anderson
Samantha Dawson
Sarah Drummond
Amanda Eastley
Kristen Evans
Brooke Mead
Rebecca Pratt
Jessica Purdue
Morgan Wait-Carrodus
Paula Wanikau
Ruwiyah Zakaria
Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Semester 1) 2017
Melissa Bain
Leah Borlase
Katherine Edwards
Ella Harrold
Laura Hean
Rachael Katuke
Olivia Pickett
Josie Smith
Millie Tomlinson
National Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Semester 2) 2016
Hannah Costello
Donalda Dalgity
Madison Deans
Rebecca De Goldi
Kayleigh Hutchison
Jessie Lightfoot
Demi-Jean Presling-Cook
Kayla Pullar
Emma Ridley
Brittany Webb
National Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Semester 1) 2017
Mianee Baldwin
Emma Healey
Sarah Hunter
Georgia Rhind
Maaike Riemersma
Courteney Sinclair Baker
Brooke Stringer
Charissa Takacs
Natalie Thomson
Lana-Lisa Woodford
National Diploma in Architectural Technology
Sarah Bryan
Yinan Cai
Haley Hughes
Josef Peacock
Benoni Potgieter
National Diploma in Quantity Surveying
Braden Adams
Timothy Campbell
Rong Ding
Braiden McGregor
Tiwa Pene
Jordan Wright
New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Vladimir Amelchenko
Timothy Ball
Shenshen Chen
Ravinder Singh
New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Sivanandan Ariecaran
Dinesh Dandi
Bernabas Fernandez
Yatish Gupta
Eung Jeon
Aarish Nagpal
Chaitanya Parmar
Matthew Shields
Navroop Singh
Gaurangkumar Tailor

Faculty of new media, arts and business

Diploma in Audio Production
Sean Gatland
Bachelor of Audio Production
Marlea Black
Em Bradding
Jacob Burn
Tina Cochrane
Thomas Davis
Ashanka Deniyage
Michael Duthie
Joel Greenwood
Rob Hammond-Tooke
Laura Parker
Adam Shaw
Sam Smaill
Wei Li Li
Bachelor of Contemporary Music
Tim Balme
Zack Brinson-ODea
Joseph ODonnell
Connor Ormsby
Rebekah Tripp
Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Music
Tyler Reynolds
Ruth Sagmyr
Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Music
Stephen Kilgour
Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Music
Joanna Buchanan
Sarah Lovell
Diploma in Animation
Benjamin Frew
New Zealand Diploma in Animation (Level 5)
Marius Urban
New Zealand Diploma in Animation (Level 6)
Nathan Curry
New Zealand Diploma in Digital Media and Design (Level 5)
Chee Chong
New Zealand Diploma in Digital Media and Design (Level 6)
Teneill Rasmussen
Katharine White
Bachelor of Screen Arts
Nicola Abbott
Johanna Ambler
Aaron Askew
Doug Bentley
Anna Black
Ben Bunting
Madilyn Davidson
Corey Fuimaono
Reuben Hayward
Traci Meek
Kevin Reid
Lenar Viernes
Graduate Diploma in Screen Arts (Animation)
Hong Ding
Graduate Diploma in Screen Arts (Filmmaking)
Arpita Bose
Miten Raichura
Bachelor of Visual Arts
Danya Ball
Douglas Bishop
Anna Obers
Chanel Taylor
Graduate Diploma in Visual Media
Danielle Carter
Diploma in Fashion (Design and Technology)
Jessica Knowles
Bachelor of Fashion (Design and Technology)
Alice Bathurst
Leone Mason
Johanna McLiskey
Kaija Rollinson
Alana Tangiwai
Graduate Diploma in Fashion (Design and Technology)
Manmeet Hallan
Diploma in Professional Chef Practice 
Sarthak Arora
Kasamon Banyatlerttawon
Emmanuel Carmellino
Shinyoung Choi
Wongsuk Choi
Jingcheng Huang
Geovani Imanuela
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki
Joo Lee
Menghan Li
Songrui Li
Zesong Li
Jooyoung Lim
Hangxu Liu
Hannah McDonald
Moksh Mehta
Deepak Nagpal
Hoang Nguyen
Avis Owen
Trong Quang
Manjinder Sandhu
Frederick Saputra
Aimee Withington
Dupinder Saroya
Jaskarn Singh
Yoshiaki Taniguchi
Yaze Wang
Hao Yan
Siqiao Rika Yi
Jonghyun Yoo
Chengyu Zhang
Chengyang Zhang
Liwei Zuo
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Version 3)/Diploma in Human Resource Management/NZIM Diploma in Management
Amelia Chilton
William Obers
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Version 3) and Accounting Technicians Requirements
Danette Baird
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Version 3)
Joshua Everleigh
Hollie Williams
NZIM Diploma in Management 
Matthew Grierson
Glenn Hopgood
Hamish Preddy
Diploma in Human Resource Management and NZIM Diploma in Management
Vicki Miles
Kirsa Shand
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Hazel Baquita
Kerryn Douglas
Tracy Hartley
Aleisha Henderson
Amy Lyford
Diploma in Commerce
Jessica Boyer
Nathan Sapwell
Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Human Resource Management
Nik Bielski
Bachelor of Commerce
Jodi Conway
Michael Dela-Cruz
Keannah Drake
Tessa Finlay
Samuel Fryer
Ryan Gerken
Jono Gerrard
Shanell Jarvie
Jesse Kelland
Matthew King
Stephanie King
Glenn Knipe
Myles Manihera
Jolene Terry
Alana Thomas
Leah Thompson
Jo Tweedie
Mohammad Uddin
Viviane Vagt
Amy Wilton
Min Zhong
Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Thi Dinh
Tingting Jiang
Pranathi Katasani
Graduate Diploma in Management
Yingjie Gao
Gurpreet Gurpreet-Singh
Gimhani Perera
Abigail Sawyer
Munu Shrestha
Trupti Thakorepalia
Jue Wang
Sheng Zhao
Graduate Diploma in Marketing
Pratik Vora
Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
Gopal Jha
Trung Nguyen
Thi Nguyen
Bachelor of Hotel Management
Yi Chen
Siyuan He
Rutu Joshi
Balroop Lamba
Josh Van-Den-Arend
Ayuki Wang
Yanru Wang
Yuhong Wang
Yan Wen
Ivy Zheng
Qi Zhu
Graduate Certificate in Hotel Management
Tibor Gruber
Jolyn Patterson
Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management 
Yenlie Anggono
Prenprapa Boontem
Ying Chen
Naewon Cho
Kyungsik Choi
Wonsuk Choi
Inov Grasita
Lochana Hidella-Arachchige
Jingchun Huang
Suman K C
Viktoria Kiknavelidze
Changsub Lee
Chen Li
Zicheng Li
Ankit Purstharthy
Nguyen Vo
Fang Wang
Xuan Yang
Guanian Zhu
Jiang Zhu
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Version 3)/NZIM Diploma in Management (Queenstown)
Liz Alegre-Masgo
Vicki Henderson
NZIM Diploma in Management (Queenstown)
Jonathas dos-Santos
Josefina Ferrari
Eleisha Telford
Diploma in Human Resource Management (Queenstown)
Jasmine Addie
Bex Gardiner
Angie Mills
Stefanie Schubert
Lucas Silva-Vallim
Natalie Van-De-Geer
Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (Queenstown)
Tulika Barua
Harjinder Benipal
Mahesh Ale
Magul Chauhan
Kelly Chen
Jun Ho Choi
Fanming Chu
Cyrus Dantham
Barrington Dcosta
Priyadarshini Dhume
Yang Ding
Susana De-Almeida-Tamega
Manoj Eluru
Romesh Fernando
Mohit Gahalyan
Prabesh Gautam
Akash Gharart
Hongtao Guo
Duy Hoang
Son Hoang
Thi Huynh
Sarah Hyland
Arun Johnson
Alina Kazakova
Jieon Kim
Xingyang Li
Resha Maharjan
Tevan Marcho
Sandamali Medawala
Fathima Naleer
Dipesh Parajuli
Joon Park
Nataliia Pinko
Yogendra Poudel
Prabhuswami Prabhuswamimath
Nikhil Prakash
Sachin Ranolia
Ankush Sandal
Avtar Sandhu
Heena Sharma
Priyamparashar Sharma
Sameer Takkar
Kunal Taneja
Prince Thakar
Nispal Thapa
Diem Thuy
Dhanushika Vithana-Arachchige
Davina Wei
Yao Yang
Yufeng Zeng
Hao Zhou
Yenna Zhou
Maryna Zhylenko
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise
Jocelyn Adiova
Deepika Ahuja
Suhas Allumpurath-Sukumaran
Rhea Arabis
Yasas Attanayake
Nilobol Attariya
Gail Bandara
Udayi Bandara-Hettige-Don
Laxmi Bhandari
Richa Bhatnagar
Mohammed Bin-HJ-Mohamed-Ali
Dessy Chandrawati-Liu
Cindy Chen
Ting Cheng
Surendar Chinnasamy-Vijaya-Laxmi
Sarah Crow
Hanting Dai
Kevinkumar Desai
Gajasingha De-Silva
Nitin Dhiman
Janakanthi Edirisinghe
Udaya Eldhose
Riyan Efendy
Carl Emmanuel
Rani Fernandez
Rendage Fernando
Sajitha Ferry
Jennifer Francisco
Krishan Galappaththi
Khushbu Gandhi
Kannan Ganesan
Deepak Gaur
Amrinderjit Gill
Jenni Go
Sanjaya Gunawickrama
Michael Hadland
Dalton Hernandez-Chiarioni
Timothy Hunt
Kyle Huynh
Asanka Irugalbandara
Rahul Jain
Chamani Jayasekara
Janice Jayawardhane
Priya Jijish
Lijo John
Akhil Jose
Abin Jose-George
Bhagyanath Kakkadan Kolloth
Ahina Karayil
Harjit Kaur
Harjit Kaur
Karamjeet Kaur
Kirpaljit Kaur
Navdeep Kaur
Palwinder Kaur
Pritpal Kaur
Ranvir Kaur
Ravinder Kaur
Veerpal Kaur
Ruban Kennedy
Nuwan Kolonne-Gamage
Bharathi Kommineni
Abraham Kurnanto
Joan Labajos
Ichchha Lamichhane
Sanggil Lee
Frank Liu
Sasanga Lokumarakkala
Melanie Lorenzo
Gerard McNamee
Jie Ma
Rajni Mahey
Christy Magdalena
Thi Thuy Linh Mai
Divya Manimaran
Amanpreet Mann
Lalit Manwani
Margaret Margaret
Eunice Mayo
Siddharth Medhi
Poonam Mehta
Sonali Mendis
Zeenathul Mohamed-Mausoom
Christopher Montgomery
Ishara Muthuwadura
Jimmy Naoe
Daniel Narsoo
Lucy Nguyen
Thi Thuy Ai Nguyen
Elvira Nurgalieva
Piyush Odedra
Pradeep Palla
Ganga Pandit
Pooja Parmar
Deep Patel
Khushboo Patel
Snehaben Patel
Bishnu Paudel
Rakitha Perera
Wagiesha Perera
Grace Peries
Jamshed Pilakkal-Aboo
Romit Poddar
Xinna Qu
Kaushik Ramachandran
Anna Ramenskaia
Dushani Ranasinghe
Rohana Rathnayakege-Don
Rekha Rekha
Neil Rodrigues
Amandeep Salach
Isuru Samarasinghe
Sandamalie Sellapperumage-Fernando
Amee Shah
Priyanka Sharma
Sonia Sharma
Kisu Shin
Binita Shrestha
Anjie Silva
Song Sim
Aruna Singarapu
Jasmeet Singh
Pooja Singh
Suchita Singh
Anup Sisodia
Khevana Soni
Larisa Sony
Sita Subba
Thanuja Suduhasthi-Singhachcharige
Suman Suman
Edy Suwito
Thao Thi Thanh Tang
Hardik Thakkar
Bilhan Thener
Sutendi Thioa
Anju Thomas
Amarnath Tyagi
Amandeep Uppal
Harsha Verma
Nadeeka Waduwara-Kankanamalage
Vijini Warnasuriya-Mudiyansellage
Kosalee Weerasinghe
Jeeva Wettasinghe
Manisha Wickramasekara
Suganiya Wijesekara
Xia Wua
Yao Xiao
Meng Xu
Angha Yadav
Rafael Yananto
Dina Yanfitria
Karishma Yonzon
Yue Yu
Ambreen Zeeshan
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management
Ma Perez
Master of Applied Management
Patience Satoro
Teemo Zhou

Faculty of health, humanities and computing

Bachelor of Environmental Management
Warwick Darey
Alexander Erceg
Blair Goss
Estelle Leask
Riki Parata
Cheyanne Robertson-Carey
Benjamin Rogerson
Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management
Bhushan Kumar
Linh Le
Arina Lebedeva
Jyoti Mahajan
Sruthi Pandiarajan
Ngoc Truong
Johans Ufano
Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5)
Jormin Beltejar
Tionge Kavina
Jinhong Kim
Hyeonseok Lee
Seungkeun Lee
Tri Minh Huynh
Yelizaveta Shulzhenka
Yan Ouyang
Yuanbo Zhang
Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5) (Queenstown)
Allen Cooper
Jack Conner
Peter Newdick
Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5) and Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6) (Queenstown)
Mukullit Kumar
Vivek Verma
Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6) (Queenstown)
Christina Dawson
Tanay Patel
Bachelor of Information Technology
Jezreel Arino
Craig Balfour
Aaron Broad
Navarre Campbell
Benjamin Cook
Yvonne Cooper
Hilgard du Preez
James Garrick
Benjamin Harward
Truc Hoang
Brittney Huxford
Adam James
Jesse Lilley
Hamish Lindsay
John McCaughan
Shivsunder Majhi
Darius Marshall Boan
Jeremy Morris
Riaan Nieuwenhuisen
Phuong Phan
Sumesh Pokhrel
Matthew Pope
Nicholas Scheib
Joshua Thompson
Angus Warren
Brodie Wilcox
Gearoid Wilson-McKeown
Li Zhang
Shu Zhang
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Jonghwan Bang
Valentin Bobrov
Daniel Eliazar
Seyoun Lim
Xuan Tu Nguyen
Tai Nguyen
Ankita Patel
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
Imtiaz Ali
Vagner Da Silva
Krisyanto Ekokurniawan
Stephanie Josopandojo
Prabhjot Kaur
Buwaneka Mahawatta
Daniel Paiva Matos Oliveira
Chathurika Premathilaka
Dudy Saleh
Harsha Shivakumara
Sampsa Vires
Master of Information Technology
Tiwa Pene
Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science (Level 5)
Brodie Giller
Jorgelina Leiva
Samantha Nielsen
Thilini Rajapaksha
Kristie Simpson
Kun Zhang
Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science (Level 6)
Seonghyeon Park
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise
Adele Cotton
Nicholas Crawford
Karina Davis-Marsden
Isaiah Dayman
Shanan Dobson
Matthew Johnson
Christopher Kennedy
Xinyi Li
Ethan Lunn
Adam Matthias
Kenji Sawada
Tammy Vincent
Leahna Ward
Janet Willis
Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise
Dhruval Aery
Vikas Chauhan
Abhishek Kumar
Nghia Nguyen
Nayankumar Pandya
Diploma in Te Ara Reo Māori
Frances Davey
Eve Fowler-Stockwell
Te Aroha Heke
Esther Lucas
Louisa Makitae
Desiree Neho
Virginia Perriam
Titihuia Piutz
Ruth Sears
Rochelle Smith
Paul Tokana
Karl Ututaonga
New Zealand Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage (Level 5)
Georgia de-Raad
Sarah Miller
Katrina Scannell
Jaime Scott
Catherine Thomson
Tracey Woodford
Hsiu-yun Yen
New Zealand Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6)
Ebony Jackson
Leanne Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Paula McLay
Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage
Kieran Caldwell
Holly Clemett
Jayden Leslie
Joshua Ward
Denise Yern
National Diploma in Mental Health (Mental Health Support Work) (Level 6)
Arianna Andrews
Kylie Ball
Fiona Blacklaws
Karyn-Lee Geerlings
Patricia Craigie
David Hopa
Jessica Hudson
Ezra Jeffery
Phramaha Lekkratok
Debra Murphy
Erin Murrell
Carol Roderique
Steven Savuthian
Ekeieta Talalelei
Jason Wealands
Bachelor of Nursing
Caitlin Anderson
Rebecca Birch
Alison Blair
Tayla Blank
Beatrix Borrie
Lucy Bowers
Viola Charuka
Cornelia Chin
Asha Clements
Samantha Coleman
Elizabeth Cordell
Hailey Crosswell
Abigail Dennis
Ashleigh Faber
Carth Ficks
Chelsea Fry
Madeline Guise
Melanie Hayes
Sigrid Joblin-Mills
Zephyr Jones
Olivia King
Jessica Lavelle-Pool
Ayla Legg
Brenna McFadzien
Lisa McIntosh
Hannah McLeod
Priti Maharaj
Krista Marsh
Nykia Miles
Nicola Motion
Jodie Musson
Hannah Pearce
Matewai Ririnui
Lydia Sargent
Vanessa Shanks
Sujata Shrestha
Rachel Smith-Rees
Francesca Stewart
Joanna Taningco
Brooke Thomas
Kim Tipene
Annalise Ward
Maigan Ward
Lisa Webb
Katie Weir
Eilish Whelan
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science
Annuh Andrew
Ana Balondo
Ashlee Bastiaansen
Ines Bonjoc
Leonie Brown
Susan Callahan
Lizabelle Caminade
Jessica Cox
Abner de la Cruz
Anna Doherty
Michelle Eleno
Jessica Fahey
Lisa Gear
Samantha Grice
Alicia Jackson
Nicola Johnstone
Paigan Kersten
Paige Lightfoot
Sarah Manson
Joseph Mathew
Lisa-Maree Neas
Casecia O’Connell
Stacey Porter
Cukku Samuel
Samantha Scott
Sithara Somanath
Sydnee Telfer
Allanah Williams
Sarah Woods
Keri Young
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science
Sarah Clark
Leah Dixon
Abigal Dube
Micaela Fahey
Leigh-Anne Fearn
Joanne Goodsir
Olivia Gorton
Janine Graham
Sarah Halder
Sandi Holden
Sharee Milford
Margaret Pickles
Sheena Pottinger
Charmaine Sarical

Faculty of SIT2LRN

National Diploma in Adult Education and Training (Level 6)
Serena Bond
Graeme Cullimore
Emma-Jean Fraher
Claire Gray
Melinda Jones
Bee Laing
Bruce Livingstone
Mark McKay
Sanjay Moza
Dione Payne
Sharon Race
Dax Roberts
Christine Schreiber
Mark Taylor
Nicholas Towner
National Diploma in Business
(Level 5)
Junghwan Ahn
Smita Ben
Ratanaphorn Chantanaket
Oliver Crawford
Kelly Davies
Senlin Deng
Yuanyuan Di
Michaela Fausett
Amanda Flynn
Michael Fowler
Naushad Goburdhun
John Grant
Chantal Green
Tiur Gukguk
Gyusun Han
Xinqi Huang
Hyunji Jeon
Bhawandeep Kaur
Fynn Keane
Ashmita Khatry
Michelle Lawrence
Thi Le
Yu Lee
Guoheng Liang
Chaofan Liu
Taryn Main
Ngoc Nguyen
Thi Nguyen
Xianyan Ni
Nathan Porter
Vignesh Raghuraman
Jennifer Rizzi
Akshay Sahrawat
Dina Saunders
Hemant Sehgal
Bhupender Singh
Deepakkumar Sinha
Mandy Slack
Vishalkumar Solanki
Rosemary Spence
Leeann Tautari
Gaurav Thapa
Thanh Tran
Hong Trinh
Christine Williams
Xinyi Xu
Zhuoqi Zhou
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) (Administration and Technology)
Jay-Ana Cleaver
Karla Grey
Neil Gunn
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) (Leadership and Management) 
Jing Chen
Lucas Cross
Jinming Huang
Anni Kang
Vineet Kumar
Jianhong Liao
Shen Lin
Huy Nguyen
Jigar Patel
Nalintip Yakunmoon
Jing Yu
Xiaolei Zhang
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) (Project Management)
Christopher van der Leer
National Diploma in Business
(Level 6)

Santosh Bommakanti
Mingzhe Cai
Maihi Cooper
Karen Easterbrook
Wenpei Jin
Matthew Hacking
Thuc My Lu
Vu Le Minh
Damian Murphy
Janine Newton
Wanwei Nie
Mayur Patel
Nathan Porter
Kanchan Pun
Yi Qu
Maadhurisivani Ram
Rishab Sandhu
Susan Searle
Gourav Sharma
Tejpal Singh
Akash Srivastava
Kaaren Van Dommelen
Lisheng Yang
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) (Administration and Technology)
Adele Farac
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) (Leadership and Management)
Bhawandeep Kaur
Mark Kankam
Sanita Subedi
Xinyi Xu
Diploma in Digital Film
Jacqueline Bree
Musa Ahmadov
Jonathas Custodio
Konrad Eksteen
Sarah Hutchins
Bernadette Murphy
Margaret Murray
Declan O’Hallahan
Simon Paynter
Barbara Peterson
Lara Phillips
Geoffrey Rayner
Trent Reyburn
Strachan Rivers
Georgia Ronalds
Muhammad Sazali
Raymond Scott
Richard Tucker
Diploma in Digital Photography
Glen Anderson
Katie Armstrong
Shannon Barker
Paul Benefield
Christina Bollmann
Laurene Bonsor
Torunn Borsting
Joanne Boyd
Kirsten Broere
Casey Burgess
Delwyn Chee
Natashea Coleman
John Collins
Antonella Coppolino
Leevonne Diack
Michael Dunbar
Anastasia Duncan
Katie Evans
Layton Findlater
Sophie Gibson-Webb
Holly Greenslade
Lissa Harrop
Clementine Hyndman
Cicell Jenks
Paul Kennedy
Lindsay Kitto
Patrice Lam
Bryony Langford
Hyun Lee
Alison Little
Katie Lummus
Joanna McCann
Alicia McCarthy
Sandra Metcalfe
Helen Muljana
Jane Muller
Kimberley Murcott
Darrell Nichol
Daniel Painter
Charmian Rangi
Ionel Savancea
Kirsty Saxon
Tricia Tawiri
Devon Te Kanawa
Richard Tucker
Melanie Van Ameyde
Rachel van Luyt
Rebecca Williams
Saskia Wilson
Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management
Christie Arthur
Karen Avery
Paris Barbara-Perez
Mingjun Hou
Meiru Ji
Bridget Kay
Wenhao Ke
Nathan Laurie
Yan Li
Shiyu Liu
Shuting Liu
Sarah Marsden
Bonnee O’Connor
Jinhua Peng
Heng Qi
Biwei Qian
Tamitha Rencken
Letesha Townsend
Siyu Wang
Yan Zhang
Zhengqing Ye
Peiyao Zhang
Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management (Queenstown)
Dhairya Goyal
Sohel Kunwar
Tin Kyaw
Shristina Lama
Anshul Nagpal
Baljit Singh
Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice
Rajdeep Ahluwalia
Sam Al-Rimal Al-Shammari
Michael Allen
Andrew Anderson
Christopher Anderson
Edmund Anscombe
Helen Au Yeung
Karin Barclay
Melissa Bayne
Craig Bisset
Laraine Brooke-Taylor
Alana Bruce
Louis Buckingham
Daniel Buckley
Rudolph Burkhardt
David Butler
Ian Carnegie
Antonio Chadinha
David Charteris
David Chisnall
Linda Clark
Jan Colbert
Alan Colenso
Judith Collett
Rebecca Condon
Jay Corpuz
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Public Assistance Sought Following Serious Crash, Dacre
News, Southland
News, Southland

Public Assistance Sought Following Serious Crash, Dacre

News Desk - Aug 14, 2020

Invercargill Police are looking for witnesses to yesterday’s serious crash on State Highway 1 - Edendale-Woodlands Highway, Dacre. The collision,…

LIVE: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Announces Decision On Covid-19 Lockdown at 5.30pm
Covid-19, News
Covid-19, News

LIVE: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Announces Decision On Covid-19 Lockdown at 5.30pm

News Desk - Aug 14, 2020

The government has extended Auckland's Covid Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country's Alert Level 2 for an…

Robbie’s Awarded Second Place In National Seed Grant
Business, News
Business, News

Robbie’s Awarded Second Place In National Seed Grant

News Desk - Aug 14, 2020

Josie Robinson – Mrs Pickles – of Robbie’s Pickles and Preserves in Gore, placed second in Soda Inc.’s seed grant…

Update: Further Arrest Following Gladstone Night n Day Aggravated Robbery

Update: Further Arrest Following Gladstone Night n Day Aggravated Robbery

News Desk - Aug 14, 2020

Invercargill Police have today arrested a second offender in relation to the aggravated robbery of the Gladstone Night 'n Day…

Live – Bloomfield Reveals Latest Covid-19 Numbers
Covid-19, News
Covid-19, News

Live – Bloomfield Reveals Latest Covid-19 Numbers

News Desk - Aug 14, 2020

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has revealed the latest number of new Covid-19 cases in the community at…