Sports · 10 Mar 2021

Rugby Southland Empowering Future Stags

Southland Sports News

Southland Sports News


In 2021 a big focus of Rugby Southland is developing and providing a pathway for our teenage talent.

On Wednesday, the SIT Zero Fees Southland Stags High Performance staff invited 55 of the top High School Players to participate in the ‘Muster’ which is being held over three days in March.

The Muster Programme was introduced in 2020 by head coach Dale MacLeod, with the aim of providing a clear pathway for players who aspire to reach greater heights in their Rugby careers.

Day One of the Muster was held on Wednesday the 3rd of March at the ILT Stadium. The Players attended seminars which included the Southland Rugby Pathway, Southland Stags Standards, Strength & Conditioning and how to deal with modern pressures of sport. The enthusiastic group then headed out and completed a 90 minute training session. This session included a 30-minute position specific session followed by five different skill blocks. This training session involved our High Performance and Academy Players who helped run and participate in the drills with the Muster boys as well.

The players will now attend Day Two Tomorrow (Saturday). This will be a Strength & Conditioning based session where the Players will be tested in Speed, Power, Fitness and Strength. The Players will then return on the 26th of March for our final session to de brief and go over the learnings.

Schools represented in 2021 are Menzies College, St Peters College, Gore High School, Central Southland College, James Hargest College, Verdon College and Southland Boys High.

Students Invited

  • Aaron Withy
  • Abdullah Fisher
  • Aidan Harrington
  • Alex Keen
  • Billy Andrew
  • Caleb Williams
  • Colby Gilder
  • Dominic Richardson
  • Drey Fonoti
  • Eden Roberston
  • Ethan Brock
  • Flynn Tuffin
  • Fraser Wilson
  • Garoth Van Der Straaten
  • George Smith
  • Harm Davers
  • Harrison Milne
  • Hayden Graves
  • Heamani Taufa
  • Hunter Areaiiti-Burgess
  • Hunter Fahy
  • Isaiah Bragg
  • Jack Churstain
  • Jack Taylor
  • Jackson Bevin
  • Jacob Mika
  • Jahn Stodart
  • Jakobe Paraki
  • Jerome Buckley-fa’atoia
  • Joshua Evans
  • Kaea Nikora-Balloch
  • Kalapoli Taufa
  • Keflar Morrison
  • Kyrie Romero
  • Liam McIntosh
  • Max Bryson
  • McKenzie Hunter
  • Michael Gillies
  • Ngarimu Paraki
  • Preston Evans
  • Reid Murray
  • Richie Kuresa
  • Rico Fisher
  • Riley Hika
  • Rico Muliaina
  • Ryan Smith
  • Ryley Macrae
  • Sam Cavanagh
  • Samer Coupe
  • Stirling McKelvie
  • Taylor Peterson
  • Tom Addie
  • Tom Nicholson
  • Zac Egerton
  • Zyon Taylor