Business · 16 Apr 2021 Celebrates 14 Years This week

Aimee Wilson

Aimee Wilson


Graeme Lewis has been selling specialised pet food for the past 20 years, but today marks 14 years in his Spey Street business

You would have to be a true animal lover to be involved in this line of work, and admittedly Graeme has owned a fair few pets over the years, but nowadays he’s down to just a dog and a cat.

“The staff are all passionate about animals.   We have three girls who are all vet nurse trained and so they’re capable with all the issues that people have.” stocks a huge range of pet food including for goldfish, rats and mice, guinea pigs and rabbits, chickens, wild birds, as well as dogs and cats.

Over the past year in particular, since lockdown, he has noticed more people are starting to shop local and that has been great for business.

All this week and until 1pm on Saturday there will be special birthday deals in store for their “loyal and wonderful” clients and customers.