Property · 3 May 2021

Young Local Agent Continues To Grow

Aimee Wilson

Aimee Wilson


Real estate agent Sheree Williams has expanded her business into Central Otago, and also grown her team locally as well.

The Mike Pero Real Estate Southland franchise owner started her journey in real estate five years ago, and now has the rights to both Alexandra and Surrounds, as well as Cromwell.

Teaming up with Rhys Chamberlain in Central Otago, Sheree has also employed Haleigh Glass to work alongside both herself and Tenysha Bennie in Southland.

She said Haleigh brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate sales, property development as well as being an innovative and forward thinker.

Sheree said the partnership with Rhys and securing the rights to both Alexandra and Surrounds and Cromwell didn’t happen overnight, but she is constantly looking for ways to expand her brand.

“It’s so much more important to get the right people that will fit with you, that have the same morals and integrity.”

At just 30 Sheree has found her niche in real estate, after studying architectural design and interior design, before realising her passion was in selling houses.

Bringing a ‘cutting edge’ to real estate, her digital media marketing with the use of both drone videography and regular online videos has her attracting thousands of followers.

Over the past five years she’s racked up a string of national awards including ‘Rookie of the Year’ for Mike Pero Real Estate in 2019.

Most recently herself and Tenysha came home from the Mike Pero Sales Training and Quarterly Awards with Sheree winning the Top Performing Agent, and Tenysha winning her first Gold.

Mike Pero Real Estate Alexandra and Surrounds and Cromwell co owners Rhys Chamberlain and Sheree Williams. Photo: supplied

When asked what makes her strive for success, Sheree said she grew up always thinking that if you wanted something in life “then don’t make excuses.  It all comes down to attitude and goals.

“I have a very clear vision about the next 12 months, 10 years, 20 years.  My husband used to laugh at me and roll his eyes.   But he’s seen what I can do now.”

Sheree said she has really taken the time to align herself with like minded people, and is enjoying having two other female agents working alongside her.

“We build each other up.  We get on like a house on fire and we’re all so different.”

Thinking of selling contact Sheree and the team at Mike Pero Real Estate Southland.