Huge Support Already For ‘Buy a Brick’ Campaign

Just over a week since launching the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, the Southland Charity Hospital has managed to raise in excess of $129,000.

“We’ve been absolutely blown away by the response we have had to our ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign – it’s a testament not only to Blair and Melissa Vining, who were the driving forces behind the creation of the Southland Charity Hospital, but Kiwis up and down the country who have shown their support for our cause in their droves.

“We couldn’t do what we are doing without them,” media and communications manager Alana Dixon-Calder said.

Blair Vining used to say if everybody bought a brick, together we could build a hospital, and it was humbling to see so many people pay tribute to his memory, she said.

People had to option to buy a brick for $100 and engrave a personalised message which would be used to pave the pathway from the carpark to the entrance of the new hospital.

Commemorative plaques for $500 could also be engraved and placed in the outdoor space, Blair’s garden, on the hospital grounds, she said.

“We have sold more than 1,000 of the 5,000 bricks we have available, and we have also sold more than 50 of the commemorative plaques that will be placed in Blair’s Garden once the hospital is built.

“Sales have been made to people from throughout Southland and Otago, but also regions like Hawkes Bay and Auckland, as well as Australia and the United States,” Ms Dixon-Calder said.

On July 31 they will also be holding the first-ever ‘Buy a Brick Day.’ where schools, workplaces and organisations throughout the country were encouraged to hold a Casual Friday, wearing red, white and black – the colours of the Blair Vining Sports Foundation.

Ms Dixon-Calder said before the campaign launched, the Southland Charity Hospital had received $500,000 in donations.

“To begin the refit of the building donated to us by ILT we needed to raise an additional $500,000.

“We want to do this as soon as we can. If we raise $500,000 we could start the building process as soon as August 1.

“The sooner we can raise that money and begin the building work, the sooner we can begin to help the people of Southland and Otago access the healthcare they deserve.”

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