Gore, Southland · 3 May 2021

Streets Alive Crossings

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News Desk


A Streets Alive courtesy crossing in Broughton Street has been transformed into what it could look like as a permanent installation to alleviate people’s concerns about the concrete planters located around Gore.

Gore District Roading Asset Manager Peter Standring said the planters around town were temporary structures to trial where a permanent solution may be placed.

“Unfortunately, it seems a lot of people are worried the planters are permanent. I can assure the community that’s certainly not the case.”

The planters will be removed at the end of the trials and solutions, such as the refuge island and bulbous kerbs created in Broughton Street, may be installed if that’s the feedback we get, he said.

“We thought if we could let people see what a permanent solution might look like, it would help ease any anxiety.”

The changes in Broughton Street were also temporary and could be removed in a couple of hours.

“Everything about Streets Alive is up for discussion. Public feedback will be a major influence in what, if anything, becomes permanent.”

Mr Standring condemned the continued vandalism of the concrete planters, saying it was getting to a point where the vandals were endangering people by moving the planters on to the road or footpaths.

“It is beyond a joke. It’s not only the wanton destruction of public property, but also quite demoralising for our staff and contractors to have to spend every weekend putting things back in place.”

Last Saturday night 31 planters were vandalised.

Mr Standring appealed to the public for any information that may help identify those responsible – “we will take a hard line on anyone proven to be involved”.