Community · 17 Feb 2021

Radio Announcer Wins Invercargill City Byelection

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News Desk


Marcus Lush has been elected to the Invercargill City Council, after voting in the by-election closed at midday today.

Progress results show Mr Lush has been the successful candidate with 7003 votes out of the 13,991 votes which have been counted thus far.

Deputy Electoral Officer Michael Morris said Mr Lush received more than half of the votes counted.

“While special votes still need to be counted, as well as any votes dropped off to our ballot boxes today, the margin between the candidates is significant enough that we are confident Mr Lush will be your next Councillor,” Mr Morris said.

It is not yet known how many votes have been cast today, being the final day of the by-election, however the return rate thus far has been 34.86 per cent of eligible voters.

Progress results
These results are based upon the counting of approximately 95 per cent of the returned votes.

The progress result does not include some special votes or votes returned today which are still in transit to the processing centre. Preliminary results will include votes returned on the day, but not the special votes and will be available tomorrow. Final confirmation of results, which will include special votes, will be made on Saturday.

Progress results (95% counted):

  • LUSH, Marcus 7,003
  • HARPUR, Wayne 1,457
  • EDWARDS, Simon 1,090
  • MULROONEY, Kevin 1,069
  • DOWNEY, Tom 967
  • POTTINGER, David 927
  • DEVINE, Wade 849
  • HEENAN, Carl 418
  • GOLDSMITH, Bernadine 144