Entertainment · 7 Feb 2021

Mal’s Music Memory Waitangi Weekend Triple Special #1

Malcolm Gayfer

Malcolm Gayfer


Ok fellow music lovers, what better time than now to celebrate the best of Kiwi music than our special weekend, Waitangi Day weekend.

So to mark the occasion we’ll haul out some of the songs that have made Kiwi music so special over the last few decades. There’s just so many good songs to chose from so it’ll be just what my cursor falls on for songs that get picked.

One installment for each day of our holiday weekend. Hope that you’re doing something special.

First up is a special clip from on of those great Maori showbands, the Quin Tiki’s doin’ what the did best, entertain.

Second up is Ray Columbus and The Invaders with She’s A Mod.

And third is Loxene Gold Disc winner from 1968, Alison Durban’s I Have Loved Me A Man.

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