Entertainment · 12 Apr 2021

Mal’s Music Memory – Better Than Average Love Songs

Malcolm Gayfer

Malcolm Gayfer


Hi there team and welcome to the April season of Better Than  Average Love Songs with our friends at Little Fire MusicWorks.

I want to put in the spotlight some love songs that have a bit more to them than I Wanna Hold Your Hand or I Will Always Love You….good songs none the less but the songs we’ll feature in my view have a bit more going for them lyrically and musically.

Let’s get to it with a couple of crackers from the 70’s, firstly Jefferson Starship’s Miracles from the big selling Red Octopus album. A big single and big album in its day. Plenty going on in the music department and Marty Balin gets right to the point with his lyrics.

Secondly Kenny Rogers and The First Edition doing Mac Davis’ song Something’s Burning….and I think it’s love. Some say this was the song that transformed K R and the F E from a good band into a top act.

Both good songs, enjoy