News · 13 Apr 2021

Kingston Flyer Carriage Number Plates Stolen

Malcolm Gayfer

Malcolm Gayfer


 Righto – who’s got ’em?

That’s the question that members of the Kingston Flyer Support Group following the theft recently of distinctive and historic number plates from one of the Flyer’s carriages parked at Kingston.

Support Group spokesman Neville Simpson says all they want is for the plates to be returned, no repercussions.

Neville Simpson says if the people who took the distinctive plates or any body who now has the them just returns them that’ll be fine, they just want them back.

He says this and a couple of other instances of theft from the Kingston Flyer rolling stock have been reported to Police.

Where the distinctive number plates should go. Pic supplied

Neville Simpson says they are hopeful of having the historic Kingston Flyer fired up next summer.