Gore · 5 Sep 2020

Investigations Underway After Dog Found Shot By Arrow

Malcolm Gayfer

Malcolm Gayfer


Investigations are under way after a dog was found running properties in Gore with an arrow through its head and bleeding profusely earlier this week.

Furever Homes chair Donna Keil says Lou tried desperately to get the arrow out breaking the tip and was seen by several members of the public who were traumatized by her condition, but could not get near her.

Ms Keil says children who saw the dog known as Lou running through their properties have been traumatized after  seeing the distressed dog.

She says Lou is now deaf in one ear due to damage from an arrow which luckily missed her main artery, but only by a fraction.

Ms Keil says Lou is not fully out of the woods yet, but she is getting some amazing support right down to a therapist who has offered her services through Skype to help with the emotional trauma Lou is dealing with.

She says  for now it’s all about getting her through the next few days as the internal swelling in her head comes through.

Ms Keil says Lou is having some  seizures but they are small and expected at this stage in her healing process.

She says the next few days are vital for Lou, but for now she is warm and as comfortable as we can make her, she’s very afraid but is getting a heap of love and pats.

As Furever Homes is not funded they would appreciate any donations to assist with Lou’s recovery by donating to Furever Homes Westpac 03-1750-0845349-000

whatsoninvers was supplied with pics of Lou in her injured state but we’ve decided to show you these.

Lou recovering
Lou recovering

Pics – Furever Homes