Community, Kids & Family · 15 Feb 2021

Fortnite Fans Flocking To Invercargill’s First Ever eSports Tournament

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News Desk


Two giant prize cheques of $1000 each are drawing kids from all over Southland to the latest InvaCorps video game tournament. Your Corps and the ILT Stadium are hosting this winners-take-all event on Feb 27 and 28th.

“This is the first and biggest eSports event in Southland EVER, and also the first opportunity for regular to kids to earn money playing video games! With the success of this event, we hope to turn competitive video gaming into a viable sports career path for kids in Southland, just like any other competitive sport!

We’ve all heard about the kid winning 2 million USD in the USA by playing a single game of Fortnite! We hope to scale our initiative here at ILT Stadium Southland to the same great heights, we just need Southland kids to demonstrate the demand by turning up to support our first event!.

The success of this first event will determine the future of E-Sports in Southland, so if you guys want it, come and get it!” -(Take what you want from this)” James Wards, the brains behind Your Corps says.

Your Corps is a multiplayer gaming community founded as a response to the mental health crisis increasing in our backyard. Their mission is to forge lasting relationships by bringing like minded kids together, and out of isolation.

“Our friends at Yrless have generously donated the prize money, and we’re expecting spectators from all walks of life. We can’t wait.” Ward says.

This event costs players $60 to register, with age groups split into two separate events: 8-12 and 13-17. Registrations are open now at but spaces are limited. All spectators are free to come and watch for the weekend.

Photo: James Wards from Corps Multiplayer Video Gaming, and the driving force behind the first ever E-sport tournament, with Nigel Skelt manager ILT Stadium Southland. Photo: supplied