Community · 18 Feb 2021

Findex Invercargill Gives Back On Community Day

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On its annual Community Day this year, integrated financial advisory and accounting firm Findex Invercargill is supporting no fewer than five good causes by providing essential support and assistance through the physical hard work of its people.

As a company which believes in action rather than merely donating money, Findex staff members are getting stuck in, boots and all, and mowing lawns, trimming trees, tending gardens, cleaning kitchens and much more, for charities including Hearing Southland, Jubilee Budget Advisory Services, Spirit Army, Southland MS, and Alzheimer’s Southland.

Community Day is an initiative conceptualised and pioneered by Findex Invercargill Managing Partner Neil McAra. This will be the second Community Day to take place, with the inaugural one held five years ago. This event takes place on Friday, 19 February and sees the company’s staff members out of the office for the whole day working at local good causes.

“As an organisation which is very much an integral part of the community, we want to give back in meaningful ways which go beyond simply giving a monetary donation,” says McAra. “Every charity faces real challenges in terms of manpower, so we thought a great way of supporting our local community was quite literally getting hands on with those who need some help.”

Ahead of the big day, charities alerted Findex Invercargill to their needs. McAra says the company then matches those requirements with the capabilities of its people, with a committee determining where to allocate human resources. “The focus falls strongly on those charities which aren’t mainstream and are perhaps lesser known, and which therefore don’t benefit from big donations or high-profile publicity,” he notes.

The impact of the company taking a day off work is considerable – after all, there are no fewer than 98 keen and capable Findex employees willing and able to get their hands dirty to make things better for deserving community service providers.

Hearing Southland provide advice and assistance to anyone in the community who has difficulties in their everyday life because of hearing loss. The Findex team is tidying up the grounds at the organisation’s Leet Street premises, trimming trees and gardening.

Southland Multiple Sclerosis Society provide support and information for those people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s Disease, and Motor Neurone Disease. The Findex Community Day volunteers are visiting clients of the Society, providing gardening, window, and oven cleaning, groundskeeping and ‘odd job’ services and support.

Southland Multiple Sclerosis Society Manager Rachel Hucklebridge is thrilled with Findex’s initiative. “It’s really simple – this is a wonderful initiative which shows a community which cares for its members. By going beyond money and providing help with things people need a hand for is just amazing. Findex is putting the right foot forward and it makes all the difference.”

Established in 1989 to provide interest free mortgages supporting borrowers faced with high interest rates at the time, Jubilee Budget Advisory Service today assists people to manage debt effectively. The Findex army is weeding the carpark area and washing Jubilee’s windows.

“We are very appreciative of Findex choosing our Service for Community Day. Helping us out by doing some weeding and cleaning windows in both our current office and the new office that we will be moving into soon. This is such a blessing for our service, which has been extremely busy within the last year, and these are jobs that we are unable to prioritise,” says Sharon Soper, Jubilee Manager.

Southland Spirit Army helps those in need by providing a wide range of support services including mentorship, friendship, financial support, and essentials including fresh veggies and firewood. On Community Day, Findex is helping in the gardens and with firewood, providing a much-needed boost to the organisation’s volunteers.

At Alzheimers Southland, the Findex team is going to go door to door providing assistance and social interaction for those who have dementia, giving carers some well-deserved time off, while also offering oven cleaning, lawnmowing and assistance with any other jobs around the house.

McAra is proud of the enthusiasm and willing contributions from his team. “Beyond providing a helping hand, Community Day is a great way for our people to work together with the people of Southland on good causes that expand our contribution to and links with the community.

“It puts us shoulder to shoulder with fellow workers outside of direct teams and our normal everyday environment, building much needed camaraderie after extended periods working in isolation from home,” he concludes.