Burt Munro Challenge 2021 · 20 Feb 2021

Burt Munro Challenge Results (full list)

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Congratulations to all the 2021 Burt Munro Challenge participants and winners. Here are the results and links for all the details on the weeks 2021 race results, as well as the winners of the special awards.

Winners of the Burt Munro Challenge Special Awards 2021:

  • Norman Hayes Memorial Trophy – Gary Holmes
  • Wayne Affleck Maverick Trophy – Damian Perriton
  • The Burt Munro Trophy – Johnny Racz
  • Pike River Memorial Trophy – Terry Galway
  • The Burt Munro Challenge Competitor of the Year Trophy – Jonny Lewis

Harley-Davidson Twilight Drag Racing 2021 Results:

  • Japanese Street – 1st Allan Henry – 2nd Craig Olliver – 3rd Joe Den Hertog
  • BEARS Street – 1st Seth Devereaux – 2nd Glen Strachan – 3rd Tim Goodin
  • Modified Bike – 1st Cole Scammell – 2nd Corey Turnbull – 3rd Chris Nixon
  • Competition Bike – 1st Steve Van Pelt – 2nd Bevan Wilson

Indian Motorcycle Beach Racing & NZ Champs 2021 Results:


E Hayes & Sons Teretonga Sprint Races 2021 Results:


Honda Invercargill Street Races 2021 Results:


Super Seller Shelley Oreti Park Speedway 2021 Results:

Peewee Division 2 (50cc)

1st 16i Declan Charlton       16pts

2nd 93c Arlen Voice 11pts

3rd 10i Ollie Cunningham 10pts

Peewee Division 1 (70cc)

1st 33c Jaxon Harley 15pts

2nd 34i George Kennedy 13pts

3rd 17i Mauger Kelman 7pts

Junior Solo 125cc – Final

1st 41i Rylan Casey

2nd 72c Oscar Drake

3rd 16c Chase Lang 

4th 66i Kadin Cracknell

Junior Solo 200cc – Final

1st 25i Ryan Colvin 

2nd 13a Kauri Chapman

3rd 11i Tyler Bain-Hoy  

4th 55i Dakota Crengle

Solo Classic – Final

1st 66i John Tuffley

2nd 53 Darrin Wilson

 3rd 13c Glen Sole

 4th 70i Alan Crosbie

       Excl 61 Barry Free

Solo Support

1st 91c Lee Brown 10pts

2nd 61 Barry Free 8pts

3rd 70i Alan Crosbie 7pts

Burt Munro Challenge Trophy – Solo-Final

1st 69i Bradley Wilson-Dean

2nd 32c (1NZ) Ben Whalley

3rd 5a Ryan Terry-Daley

4th 96i Alex Cunningham

Sidecar B – Final

1st 7i1e Knuckle Hill & Dan Smith

2nd 81c Billy Leighton & Jeff Brimble

Excl 88i Gary Wells & Brent Nicholson 

Excl 28n Paul Anderson & Brandon Mumberson

DNS  12i Jake Gillespie & Jared Greig

Burt Munro Challenge Trophy – Sidecar – Final

1st 44i James Douglas and Harley Biddle

2nd 78i Paul Humphrey and Chris Chatfield

3rd 14a Jamie Moohan and Patrick Larsen

4th 97p Mike Zachan and Ben Franklin